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Once and for all 2


Notes: I never thought that I would make a sequel for this, however here it is, and there are new characters--Mario Götze and Manuel Neuer. And they are still segments of fiction.

#a friend from Munich

Neymar met Mario in college, he got known him in a marketing class, and found him also from Munich. They are in the same age and sharing same topics and in favor of the same brand--Nike. Since Mario took him to a party, they became close friends, and Mario also invited him to his house during the summer vacation.

#shall I go

As Ney and Thomas are engaged in oral, they haven't told their families yet. But all the vacation Neymar came over to Thomas' house and hang out with him, then Mario and his invitation became an inevitable topic.

"Mario is super, we are already the closest friends in the college, we are always sharing stories and jokes, I couldn't have been happier since I went to Spain. So shall I go?"

"You can always do whatever you want without asking my permission." Thomas said quietly, but what echoed in his mind--"Mario, Mario, I even don't know what Mario, which Mario, it's somehow annoying." 

"No, we can go together, I feel like introducing you to him, you are my boyfriend."

"I'd love to, but I have something to deal with tomorrow, you two can enjoy your day. I can pick you up at night, just call me,then."

#Thomas' work

Thomas just finished his interpret job for a clothing enterprise, but the boss--this Neuer guy insist him staying with him for a dinner. He kept looking at his watch and his minds wandering.

"Mr Müller?Müller?Thomas!"


"I heard you are born in Munich, I am new here, would you mind showing me around in Munich the following two days, and the reward will still be paid by hour."

"I'm sorry, this job ,I can't--"

"No, it's not a job or a command, it's an ask, from a friend, if it's bothering you, I will take my words back."

"It's not a bother, I just--okay, it's a bother, I just have to leave for my boyfriend and stay with him in the following two days."

"Sorry, and thanks for your treatment." he added, leaving the stunned Neuer with widen eyes.

But then he suddenly raised the corners of his mouth,"interesting."


Neymar sent Mario's address to him, and Thomas drove there.

It was 9 pm at his arrival, then he realized which Mario Ney had referred. Yeah, what a coincidence, he had been Mario's Spanish tutor for a period of time. As he was guided into the house, he heard Neymar's laugh from far away. Then he came to the pool, seeing Neymar playing fun with Mario in the pool, they splashed one another each time ending with a laugh. 

Something bitter seemed to build up in his belly.

Then Mario saw him,”Mr Müller, how come--”turning back to Neymar, and he was suddenly enlightened,“so Mr Müller is your boyfriend,oh--”he dragged his voice at last word.


During the back trip in the car.

“You have once been Mario’s tutor, you had never told me that. ”

“Yeah,‘cause you never told me his last name is Götze.”

Then Thomas' phone was ringing, he caught a glimpse at the screen, Manuel Neuer again, he decided to ignore it once again,then came the message reminder.

“Who is that?”he asked curiously.

Thomas clicked the message,”I still want you to be my guider, feel free to take your little boyfriend with you.”it said.

“No one, just spam.”

“I'd like to hang out with Mario this weekends,we are going to his friend's party.” before Thomas' response, he put forward,”You don't need to pick me up if you are on your business.”

“So you choose him?”

“What? We are friends, I need someone of my age.”

#Is the age gap a problem

“I'm flattered you finally manage to come, and sorry for the annoying calls and messages,I have tried too eagerly.”

“Never mind, Mr Neuer, what are you interested at the first place?”

“You can call me Manu, and would you mind a cup of coffee first?”

Is he flirting? Maybe he is too oblivious not to misunderstand it.

However, they did kill some time in a cafe after all.

As for Neymar, he never thought a party held during the daytime and in a pub. Thomas is true, too much alcohol is a disaster for his poor head. He has to sneak out to breath some fresh air.

Then he saw Thomas, he was busy talking to the person beside him and didn't pay attention to Neymar, but the guy beside him noticed.

“Hey, Ney, is everything okay?”Mario placed his arm around Neymar's shoulder.

Then Thomas noticed him, too.

Neymar stepped forward,"Aren't you at work at this moment?”

“I actually am.”

“With this guy?”

“Yeah, he is my client.”Thomas' eyes focused on Mario's arm which is fixed on Neymar's shoulder right now.”You know what, I also need someone of my age to talk with.”

Neymar looked up in disbelief, then turned back to Mario,

“I feel like a bit uncomfortable, will you do me a favor to drive me back?”

“Let me.”Thomas said, but Neymar just walked at Mario's direction.

“I just got a good idea, how about the Marienplatz ?I haven’t been there once, what a pity!”

Thomas, however, has no mood to hear him, he just felt something bitter and even bitterer.

Maybe something has changed, maybe it's a wrong decision from the very beginning.

#retrieve and come out

In fact, Neymar refused Mario's drive offer, he took a taxi back home instead.

As long as Thomas arrived home, he searched his house all around for Neymar, only to find a sheet of paper writing--"Is it an end? you are leaving me?" ,above which there is the ring, the ring for proposal.

Thomas' bowels twisted together, and felt sour in his stomach, then he made his decision without hesitation.

He stepped out his house and walked towards the neighborhood, it seemed to be the first time he came over to Neymar's house.

He knocked, and it's Mr Neymar--Neymar’s father answering the door. He introduced himself briefly and spoke directly and bluntly to the gentleman.

“I am sincerely asking for your permission to engage with your son, you have my words. And I am right here ready to answer whatever you ask.”

Of course Neymar heard all he said since he stepped into this house, he stayed in his room, listening to all the cogitative and deliberate questions his dad put forward, and all the patient and affectionate words Thomas responded.

Then he came out, from his room and at last, the two lovely lovers cuddled each other heavily and heatedly.

“You are supposed to take care of your precious.” he said as he delivered the ring to Neymar. Neymar didn't receive it immediately, instead, he said,

“I need a commitment, promise you won't leave me at any time and always keep me company, pinky promise.”

He stretched out his pinkie, and Thomas hooked his finger at once,

“I promise.”

————————The end————————————

I know there are quite a lot mistakes, I just tried to convey this short and sweet story. As is finished, I hope someone will like it.

once and for all(AU)


Notes: I am actually prompted by this VW commercial here ,in which both are full of charisma. I like the two guys , so I paired them, hope you'll enjoy, too.


Müller is 28, a language teacher who teaches Spanish, also takes some interpret work. Neymar is 18, has graduated from high school and moved to Munich recently, he got a vacation internship in Adidas.


Thomas lived in a normal village not far from Munich. Lately,he got a new neighbor, who was considered to be a Brazilian family.


#the encounter



"You can speak Spanish, awesome, I am new here, even I' ve learned German for several months before, it's so hard to catch what most people say. would you like to do me a favor, teach me ?"


"You are so talkative, you know?"


“Yep, my Brazilian friends also said that. but here, only with you will I perform like this, 'cause it's still challenging for me to talk fluently in German. by the way, it's somehow out of my expectation , I thought you to be kinda social person.”


"When you are occupied in a job filled with talk and speak, you may also feel like closing your mouth for a rest after work."



#about the internship


"It's a good job at any rate, even not lucrative, but I earned plenty of opportunities to meet some super sport stars. Yeah, I have even got Lionel Messi's autograph and took a photo with him, which won so many likes on ins for me. In fact, I am kind of a Nike boy, but you will never tell my boss, okay?"


#about the ring


"You are engaged?" Neymar said, eyes focusing on the ring around his ring finger.


"Not really, I'm divorced."


"You should tell me your story, one day."


"I will."


#went to college in Barcelona


"I am gonna stay Barcelona for my college, you are always welcomed  to visit me, this city is attractive, I'm quite sure you'll love it."


"I went to watch a CL match of Barça tonight. Actually I am not that into football like most Brazilian. But I was thrilled when they achieved the victory, maybe the sensation conquered me just like you felt about Bayern Munich."


#long-distance relationship


text message from Neymar


"College life is not that interesting as I imagined, I barely made friends here. It sounded incredible, I just found my approach didn't work out here, they did not buy my jokes, songs and even dances. I looked like a juvenile boy for them. It rarely happened in Brazil, not even in Germany, I mean in Munich, with you. You would never be reluctant to share my feelings all the time."


reply from Müller


"You are handsome, you've got beautiful eyes, charming smile, tanned skin, muscled abs and a nice ass. You are a good guy, you are much better than you had thought, so never give up or even try to look down on yourself. You deserve more than you have already taken, fabulous boy. "


"You had me , remember?"


# a visit to Spain


Thomas went to Barcelona as an interpreter for a German enterprise.


"We should probably go to the pool first, diving into it, swimming to drive out the heat and stretch our lazy bodies. then we' ll find a German or Spanish restaurant to enjoy dinner. After that, I have the whole night to  be the listener of your college story and complains, then a sex probably if you want or time permitted."


"I like it."




"I like the words you said, and the way you said them, I like being with you."


#Müller's past


"So you were a football player in the past? I can't imagine it, you don't look like a person who worked out often, " a glimpse of his body for seconds,"It didn't mean you are not in good shape, just the way I like it, mature and sexy."


"Never mind. Since you never show much interest in football, and I'm just an average player, though professional, but never gained a chance to play in the World Cup. I was once played in Bayern Munich II team for several seasons despite spending most time on the bench, so it's understandable for you. In fact, my wife left me during that period."


"How?"Neymar always had so much curiosity to Müller's past, but he never got the right time to ask, maybe now is the right time.


"She was such a virtuous wife, who had accompanied me for a long time during my professional career, before she was tired with my busy schedule and away trips for matches. And...'a woman should never conceive a baby after 25', as she said."


# the proposal


"So, the baby things. But you can still do those things during the season. I heard, having sex doesn't bother......"




Neymar stared at him, then something seemed to be explicit.


"You didn't do that, 'cause you are gay, but the ring......"


"We have been intimates for ages since we are teenagers."


"Can I take it? "Neymar pointed to his finger,"the ring."


Müller looked up at him, pupils dilated, wondering if the boy spoke seriously. Then he received a firm look. 


The world fell silent for seconds, Müller reached out his left hand to drag the ring down, then knelt down on his right knee.


"Are you serious?" Neymar hadn't imagined that, even in his wildest dream, this scene hadn't occurred.


"If you are, I mean it, too. I am an old man, I won't say those big words, so, will you?"


“Yes, I am not quite sure, but yes. Maybe my mind is trapped in panic now, but the answer is always yes, only yes.”






Notes: fiction of segments, I will elaborate it one day, probably. English is neither my language nor my major, errors may be inevitable. I wrote it all for fun, hope it will bring a little joy to someone.


PS. Ney was considered to be proficient in Portuguese and Spanish, a little German here.